Photo flight

Commission a photo flight just for you!

The "photo flight" package includes the creation of oblique aerial photos of an object flown according to your wishes from different angles at a fixed price.
After you have selected your motifs, you will receive up to five digital images (JPG files, 20 megapixels) on DVD or for download (16-bit TIFF or RAW format at an additional cost). You acquire the unlimited, non-transferable, non-exclusive rights to use the photos for publication on the Internet and in print without copy;-notice.

Individual offer on request.

  1. You tell me the address or GPS coordinates of the object to be photographed and your wishes, e.g. regarding a special shooting direction ("chocolate side").
  2. I'll check if I can fly there and send you back a picture of the object as I've identified it in Google Earth.
  3. If the object is more than 20 km away from Kandel, you will receive an offer for the costs of arrival/departure to the nearest Ulralight aerodrome and landing fees.
  4. If you have other objects photographed in the neighborhood or refer me to other interested parties there who book me for the same flight, you will receive a discount of 20%.
  5. After a binding order, I will fly if the weather is suitable and will provide you with the 10-30 photos that have been taken, e.g. on the Internet for selection.
  6. From this, choose your five best motifs. You can optionally receive all recordings.
  7. You will then receive the original image files (20 megapixels) and my invoice by email, for download or by post on DVD.
  8. I can optionally optimize your photos digitally: straightening (always necessary for aerial photos), cropping (enlargement of sections), brightness, contrast and color optimization, haze removal and, if necessary, sharpening or denoising. Such an individual digital post-processing based on the RAW files brings a significant optical quality improvement!
  9. You can optionally receive the files not only as JPG (8 bit) but also in 16 bit TIFF or DNG RAW format.
  10. Optionally I create prints, canvas prints, picture collages, etc.

  • Shipping costs are €3.95
  • Payment is made on account or in cash in the case of direct sales.
  • Flight date and delivery time for "single objects" depends on the flight weather and our schedule.
  • Caution: We reserve the right to withdraw from an order in the case of "unflyable" terrain, special airspace conditions or other terrain-related technical difficulties for the aircraft we intend to carry out. (Ex: control zone of an airfield, no accessible safety landing field or similar technical reasons).
  • For a distance of more than 20 km from Kandel plus travel costs
  • Quantity discount from 2 orders in the immediate vicinity 20%
  • Prints from postcards to posters, jigsaw puzzles, custom canvas prints
  • with © notice means that when the picture is published, a copyright notice © must be visible and a link to: aerial photography is active online href=""
  • Note the conditions

Ambiguity in my pricing structure?

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Please select an order type

You will receive an offer by email

  • Quantity discount from 5 images in the same format 20%, from 10 images 35%
  • Shipping costs in the European Unioen (except JPG) flat rate €3.95 - ask for abroad
  • Minimum order value €15.00
  • The prices are net prices plus German VAT.
  • Prices for other media/formats/license models .
  • With © notice means that when the image is published, a copyright notice © must be visible and a link to:
    FLY-FOTO is active online to Aerial Photography href=""
  • With the digital format type "A"-"E" you acquire the unlimited, non-transferable, non-exclusive rights of use of the photos for any publication depending on the license on the Internet or in printed works with or without © notice.
  • With the digital format type "Z" you acquire the time-limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive rights of use of the photos for one-time publication in press products with © notice.
  • Delivery after payment in advance
  • The delivery time for archive photos is approx. 1 week
  • The sizes given in cm for prints are only approximate. The origin of analog photography is based on the sizes of photographic paper, which are given in the English unit "inch". Where: 1 inch (inch) = 2.54 cm. According to international standards, however, rounded nominal formats such as 20 x 30 cm and 40 x 60 cm are given in the size specification of photo prints. This means that the nominal format (standard photo formats) does not correspond exactly to the specified dimensions in centimetres. As mentioned, this is an international convention and not a special feature of FLY-FOTO. In addition, minimal production-related tolerances can have an impact on the real size.