The website allows fast and convenient browsing and searching in my aerial photo online archive and online ordering of aerial photos.

My aerial photographs are organized geographically into albums for a location (i.e. city or borough/local parish). There are two ways to search for, to find and to buy images in my image archive:

  1. Here you enter one or more keywords (at least 3 letters) that are to be searched for in all picture description texts and place names and after a short time you will receive a list of the pictures and place albums found that contain at least one search word.
  2. From there you can click directly to the respective photo/place album. Then it continues as under the 4th or 3rd point below..

"Structured" in the country/state/city hierarchy via Find & buy aerial photos:

Browse the country/state/city/image hierarchy and scroll chronologically (, ) or by geographic location. Or search search by entering text for terms in the location/image description text. As a result of the text search, either only the appropriate thumbnails appear in the gallery or a pop-up list appears with appropriate descriptions from which you can select one to go to the respective albumg/image.

  1. Entry is via a map and preview gallery for all federal states/cantons. On the map are  red pins which you can click to open a popup window from which you can navigate to the location album. If there are too many markers in one position, they are replaced by yellow, red, or blue  circular area markers that you can click to zoom.

  2. On the next level follows the page with all the location-albums of a federal state, with an overlay Map Map. The card also allows by  green compass arrows at the edge of the picture a navigation in up to 8 compass directions to the maps of the neighboring federal states/cantons - alternatively via the pulldown "⇗ Neighboring federal states".

  3. Then follows the page with all aerial photos of a place (i.e. city, district or local community), with overlayable Map Map and navigation option to neighboring locations in the same federal state. Again, the card allows by  green compass arrows at the edge of the picture a navigation in up to 8 directions to the maps of the neighboring location-albums - alternatively via the pulldown "⇗ Neighboring Places".

  4. Finally, there is the page with the aerial photo and its description with a map and preview links to up to 5 images with a similar description in the same location. Note that (depending on what is written under the map) the  red pin on the map indicates either the subject's position or the photographer's shooting position.

  5. There you can use the arrows on the right or left edge of the image to go to earlier or later recordings in the same location, or click on the image to view a full-screen view without overlay and place an image in the shopping cart using the "shopping cart button". You can enter the details of the order later via the " Checkout" menu and finally order online a usage license for the image file as an e-mail or a print by mail.

  • Quantity discount from 5 images in the same format 20%, from 10 images 35%
  • Shipping costs in the European Unioen (except JPG) flat rate €3.95 - ask for abroad
  • Minimum order value €15.00
  • The prices are net prices plus German VAT.
  • Prices for other media/formats/license models .
  • With © notice means that when the image is published, a copyright notice © must be visible and a link to:
    FLY-FOTO is active online to Aerial Photography href=""
  • With the digital format type "A"-"E" you acquire the unlimited, non-transferable, non-exclusive rights of use of the photos for any publication depending on the license on the Internet or in printed works with or without © notice.
  • With the digital format type "Z" you acquire the time-limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive rights of use of the photos for one-time publication in press products with © notice.
  • Delivery after payment in advance
  • The delivery time for archive photos is approx. 1 week
  • The sizes given in cm for prints are only approximate. The origin of analog photography is based on the sizes of photographic paper, which are given in the English unit "inch". Where: 1 inch (inch) = 2.54 cm. According to international standards, however, rounded nominal formats such as 20 x 30 cm and 40 x 60 cm are given in the size specification of photo prints. This means that the nominal format (standard photo formats) does not correspond exactly to the specified dimensions in centimetres. As mentioned, this is an international convention and not a special feature of FLY-FOTO. In addition, minimal production-related tolerances can have an impact on the real size.